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RDO project

The University Director has initiated the RDO project, which is tasked to implement the RDO (Research Data Office) at KI during 2018.

The project is tasked with coordinating and developing new support for the KI’ researchers throughout the research process for research data management (RDM) and documentation.

The steering group includes all the deans, the vice dean of infrastructure, the IT-direktor, Head of the university library, the Head of AU and the Head of Grants Office.

Representatives in the project group are from the Archive (Gabriel Larsson), Grants Office (Cecilia Martinsson Björkdahl, Dobril-Philip Petkov & Lisa Börjesson), KI University Library (Erik Stattin, Helena Eckerbom & Malin Essén) and IT department (Ulf Morgell). Research representation is via Gustav Nilsonne. Other reference groups with researchers also contribute to the work, one example is a group led by Nancy Pedersen for epidemiological research documentation.

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For more information, contact the project manager.

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